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By exclusively servicing iPhones, we're able to bring you the highest quality, most reliable iPhone screen repairs in Ames.

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We'll come right to you wherever you are. Whether it be your office on lunch break, or your home while you watch TV, we can do the job anywhere.


By sourcing our parts from high quality vendors, we are able to provide an exclusive lifetime warranty on all repair work done and parts installed.

Free Diagnosis

If you aren't sure what's wrong, we will diagnose your issue for free. All that's needed it a phone call. No worry or hassle involved.

How it works

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About us

Our Specialty

By servicing only iPhones, we are able to specialize completely in iPhone screen repairs. This means providing high quality parts, expertise, and excellent repair service. By scrutinizingly sourcing our parts vendors, we are able to offer an exclusive complete lifetime warranty on all repair work done. This means total peace of mind for the future.

Our Story

Loopfix was founded at Iowa State University in 2018. The idea was to provide college students with both good paying jobs and affordable iPhone repairs. After a trial run that fall, the business model seemed to be working. Since then, Loopfix has begun expansion to several locations around the Midwest, including Northern Illinois University, and University of Illinois, and Western Illinois University.

Our Service Area
Just tell us where to meet you.
Loopfix services all of Ames. This means our mobile technicians can meet you wherever you want on or off campus. Curious how it works? Our mobile technicians are equipped with mobile service tool-bags which allow them to do the job anywhere.

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Why Loopfix?

Our Signature Lifetime Warranty

Many other repair services only offer limited 90 or 180 day warranties, or don't use the highest quality parts they can find. If you're not careful who you choose, you might end up with the short end of the stick. At Loopfix, we're proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all repair work done. This means that no matter when, if something happens down the road, we'll be there for you free of charge.

Price Match Guarantee & Free Diagnosis

We hate to overcharge, so if you find a better deal anywhere else, we'll match it. A quick price check is all that's needed to get you a better deal. We can even do it on your behalf if you'd like. Just ask for our "price match guarantee", and we'll call all around town for the lowest price.

No Charge Unless We Can Fix It.

Many other repair services charge $50 or more just to tell you what's wrong. From a business perspective, this might make sense. But from a customer experience perspective, it doesn't. We will never charge you a dime if we are unable to solve your problem. As a customer, you will be able to take advantage of our free diagnosis services.
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