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Servicing iPhones, Androids, and more. Additionally servicing camera, battery, and charge port issues.

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Proudly serving parts from Injured Gadgets. We've been using our current supplier for years, and we've come to trust them immensely. All our parts come pre-tested and warrantied.


By sourcing our parts from high quality vendors, we are able to provide an exclusive lifetime warranty on all repair work done and parts installed. OLED break waranty included!

Free Diagnosis

If you aren't sure what's wrong, we will diagnose your issue for free. All that's needed it a phone call. No worry or hassle involved. Worst case, bring it in and i'll see what I can do. Free!

How it works

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Something else? I work on Androids and Tablets too.

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iPhone XR

Screen replacement:
Camera replacement:
Charging port replacement:
Speaker/Ear Speaker
iPhone 6/6+
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iPhone 6s/6s+
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iPhone 7/7+
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iPhone 8/8+
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Perfectionist Mentality

I take no shame in being a perfectionist. I also believe a job done right is better than a job done quickly, which is why I never rush. When you hire me, we work together to put together the best and most cost effective solution to your problem. You're paying for careful, quality work and an honest tech repair guy who will never rip you off.

Where I'm Located

I am located at 6115 Brookbank Rd, in Downers Grove IL. It is a residential address, which is why I can offer my reasonable rates. The standard charge is parts/shipping + $50/Hr labor, which always comes out to a reasonable and competitive price. Don't be put off by the house! - just call to schedule an appointment and knock on the front door once it's time.

Proudly serving parts from these major suppliers
I take pride in the parts I put in your device. That's why I always choose the most reliable parts suppliers I can find. Some may balk at "amazon business", but amazon sellers are reliable for small parts on older models of phones, which are extremely reliable. I've never had a problem with amazon business when I need an earpiece cable.
Service Area
Housecalls & Dropoffs
If needed, I can swing by to pick up your phone. Otherwise, just drop it off. Gas prices may affect the charge for pickup/dropoff, though, which isn't that much in any case. Check out my google profile for directions, and don't forget to check the reviews!
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Industry & Bulk Repair RATES
If you need bulk repair, I can adjust my rates to account for the consistent business. Get in touch - I'd be glad to work with your company or school.